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Hired a Discovery for a visit back to the UK to visit family. AF Noble was a pleasure to deal with and had very reasonable rates. The car was perfect all round - immaculately clean on delivery, a pleasure to drive, fuel efficient and easy to pick up and drop off. Special thanks to Joe for organising it all and for meeting us at the airport with the vehicle - always nice to see a friendly smile on arrival after a long flight! 5 star service all round, we will use them again next year.

Calum, Kenya

I have now used this company twice and I would only highly recommend them. I just celebrated a 40th Birthday in Scotland and we hired out 5 of the Land Rover Discovery 5's & 4's and not only are the cars perfect for the Highlands as they offer height and panoramic views but delivery/pick up everything is simply top notch. The service and support the company offers is simply incredible value for money and I look very much forward to my return to Scotland and I will always hire through them. TOP CARS & TOP COMPANY!

Venetia, Berlin, Germany

A simple, honest and heartfelt review. If you're looking for cheap, don't bother. If you're looking for a caring family business who know what they're talking about and have the equipment to back up their service you know where to go. I dealt with Joe and Stuart who represented the business professionally, considerately and efficiently. Joe kept me informed, answered all my questions and provided the vehicle I needed at a fair price. Stuart met us at Edinburgh Airport to hand over the car and go through the paperwork and then again to collect when we returned from our break. They could not have made it any more hassle free and their attention to detail and attitude were outstanding. The car did exactly what we needed it to do. All in all they provide the service you need and the back up you deserve. Should I have similar requirements in this part of the world in the future, and it's highly likely, I won't be going anywhere else.

Andrew, Isle of Man

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